Is the Famous WPC Back?

The closure of the popular World Pitmaster Cup (WPC) online sabong platform left many enthusiasts wondering if it would ever make a comeback. In the aftermath, numerous websites and social media pages have emerged, all claiming to be the revived “World Pitmaster Cup.” However, these are nothing more than impostors seeking to exploit unsuspecting players.

E-Sabong Websites Masquerading as WPC

Upon closer inspection, these so-called “World Pitmaster Cup” platforms are merely mirrored websites, designed to lure in players with a familiar name and branding. Many of them use the same live stream mirroring tactics, providing access to the same cockfighting events, but without the legitimacy and security of the original WPC.

Questionable WPC Dashboard and Dubious Credentials

Further investigation reveals that only a small fraction of these WPC-branded platforms are actually affiliated with the former operators of the original platform. The majority are unauthorized entities, seeking to capitalize on the WPC’s reputation without providing any of the safeguards or guarantees that players had come to expect.

No News of an Official Comeback From World Pitmaster Cup

Despite the proliferation of these imitation platforms, there has been no official announcement or indication that the World Pitmaster Cup is planning to make a comeback. The silence from the former WPC management has only added to the confusion and uncertainty surrounding the future of this once-dominant online sabong brand.

Trusting the Proven Platform

In the absence of a confirmed WPC revival, players are encouraged to turn their attention to the Sabong World Cup platform. As the successor to the previous World Pitmaster Cup, Sabong World Cup has emerged as the trusted and reliable destination for online cockfighting enthusiasts.

Sabong World Cup offers a secure, user-friendly, and fully-compliant platform, ensuring that players can enjoy the thrill of online sabong without the risks associated with unauthorized or dubious websites. By choosing Sabong World Cup, players can be confident that their personal and financial information is protected, and that the cockfighting matches they wager on are fair and legitimate.

Until the World Pitmaster Cup officially announces its return, the safest and most responsible choice for online sabong enthusiasts is to embrace the Sabong World Cup platform as the new standard in the industry.

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