Where Can I Register for Online Sabong After WPC15’s Closure?


In the world of online sabong, enthusiasts are seeking reliable platforms to enjoy this traditional form of entertainment. With the closure of the World Pitmaster Cup (WPC15), this article aims to guide former WPC15 participants and invite them to register with the Sabong World Cup—a new and exciting online sabong destination.

WPC15 Online Sabong

WPC15 Online Registration No Longer Available

The World Pitmaster Cup, a once popular choice for sabong enthusiasts, has ceased its operations. However, this marks an opportunity for participants to transition to the Sabong World Cup, offering a familiar and enjoyable gambling experience.

Sabong World Cup as the New Online Sabong Destination

As WPC15 comes to a close, the Sabong World Cup steps in as the natural successor. This transition ensures the continuation of the gambling community, inviting former WPC15 participants to bring their enthusiasm to the Sabong World Cup. The register link is available on sabongworldcup.com.

SWC replaced WPC15

Sabong World Cup Registration Similar to WPC15 Dashboard

Former WPC15 participants will find the registration process for the Sabong World Cup familiar and straightforward. The user-friendly dashboard, akin to WPC15, ensures a seamless experience for both new and returning users. This continuity in the registration process allows participants to quickly adapt and enjoy the excitement of online sabong.

Online Sabong Registration with SWC

Gcash Remains the Top Payment Choice for Online Sabong

In the ever-changing landscape of online sabong, a secure and easy payment method is crucial. Gcash, the trusted choice for WPC15, remains the most popular payment gateway for Sabong World Cup. Participants can enjoy seamless transactions, focusing on the excitement of sabong without any payment concerns.


As WPC15 concludes its operations, the invitation is extended to former participants to join the Sabong World Cup. This platform promises to maintain the thrill of gambling, providing a fresh and engaging experience for sabong enthusiasts. Registering with the Sabong World Cup ensures a smooth transition, allowing former WPC15 gamblers to continue their sabong journey with enthusiasm and excitement, without the need for specialized skills.

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