Is There Still Online Sabong in the Philippines?

Online Sabong in the Philippines Today

The world of online sabong (cockfighting) in the Philippines has been a contentious and rapidly evolving landscape in recent years. Despite President Duterte’s orders to shut down E-sabong operations back in 2022, many unlicensed and unregulated platforms continue to operate, putting Filipino bettors at risk. In this article, we’ll explore the current state of online sabong in the Philippines and shine a light on the trusted platforms that remain.

Watching E-sabong

The Crackdown on E-Sabong

In 2022, President Duterte made the bold move to order the closure of all E-sabong (online cockfighting) operations in the Philippines. This decision came amidst growing concerns about the societal impacts of these platforms, as well as reports of corruption and criminal activity surrounding the industry.

The Proliferation of Fake Websites

Unfortunately, the crackdown on E-sabong has not stopped unscrupulous individuals and organizations from attempting to capitalize on the demand for online sabong. Numerous fake websites and clickbait platforms have emerged, luring unsuspecting Filipinos into betting on illegal and unregulated sites that often lead to online casinos instead of legitimate sabong platforms.

Seeking Trusted Alternatives

While the online sabong landscape in the Philippines remains murky, there may be alternative platforms that operate .One platform has emerged as a beacon of trust and reliability in the online sabong industry: Sabong World Cup. This platform has been widely recognized as the go-to destination for Filipino bettors who seek a safe, secure, and regulated online sabong experience.

Key Features of Sabong World Cup

Sabong World Cup offers a range of features that set it apart from the myriad of fake and untrustworthy platforms operating in the Philippines. These include:

  • Responsive customer support to address any issues or concerns
  • Secure payment options that protect bettors’ financial information
  • A user-friendly interface and comprehensive betting options
  • Live streaming of high-quality sabong matches from trusted cockpits


Despite the challenges posed by the crackdown on E-sabong and the proliferation of fake websites, there remains a trusted and regulated platform for Filipinos to enjoy the thrill of online sabong. Sabong World Cup has emerged as the clear choice for those seeking a safe and reliable online sabong experience in the Philippines.

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