Latest Updates on the World Pitmaster Cup 2024

Reviving E-Sabong in the Philippines

Online cockfighting, locally known as e-Sabong, had become a significant part of the Philippines’ gambling landscape until President Duterte ceased all e-sabong operations 2 years ago. Now, certain beneficiaries from the previous World Pitmaster Cup (WPC) online sabong platform are taking steps to “repackage” a better and more socially responsible version of e-Sabong.

Their goal is to present this revamped model to House Speaker Martin Romualdez and President Bongbong Marcos, with the hope of reviving the online cockfighting industry while also generating additional revenue for the government and supporting the gamefowl industry.

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Proposed Reforms to the WPC Online Sabong Model

The proposed changes to the World Pitmaster Cup sabong model aim to address the key concerns that plagued the industry in the past. Sabungeros, or cockfighting enthusiasts, agree that in order to gain support, the new WPC platform must implement strict rules and safeguards.

This includes guaranteeing that minors and minimum wage earners will not be able to participate in betting activities. To achieve this, the minimum bet for WPC online sabong is likely to be raised to ₱5,000, along with other stringent measures. Additionally, the plan is to keep local cockpits open and allow them to coexist alongside the revamped e-Sabong platform, promoting the sport and the industry as a whole, rather than just focusing on gambling.

Government Oversight and Regulation of WPC

The success of the proposed changes to the WPC online sabong model will largely depend on the support and regulation of the government. The proponents of the new platform are hopeful that by promoting cockfighting as a sport and a business opportunity for all, they can gain the backing of the House, Senate, and the Office of the President.

Balancing Regulation and Responsibility in WPC Online Sabong

As the WPC online sabong industry in the Philippines aims to make a comeback, there is a pressing need for a balanced and responsible approach. The article highlights the importance of striking a delicate balance between generating revenue, reviving the gamefowl industry, and ensuring social responsibility.

The key will be to create a regulatory framework that promotes the sport of cockfighting, while also safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders, including bettors, industry players, and the broader community. Only then can the WPC industry in the Philippines truly thrive in a sustainable and socially conscious manner.

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